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A Question of Copyright

Hi everyone Over the gigs that we’ve done I occasionally get asked whether we need to pay any fees in terms of copyright for the songs that we cover. It’s an interesting question, and the easy answer is “no”. And that is simply because legally we don’t have to. The venues where we play are […]

Addressing Further Issues…

It has been brought to my attention by now 2 people and counting (at the time of writing), that some of you lovely people who have seen us perform and who follow us across social media, have received personal messages from a disgruntled former member of The Album Project. I am, as a general rule […]

The First Blog Post!

Hello and welcome to this, my first ever blog post on our website! To be absolutely honest here, in trying to set up my login to the backend of the web page a few months ago, I made an absolute Horlicks of it and it ended up in a total bugger’s muddle. And in effect, […]

Time for a little break…

Hi everyone! The dust has settled on our Beatles shows in Cheltenham followed by the Floyd show the following week in Witney and it’s now time to let you know what is happening going forwards. I came up with the idea for this band around 13 or so years ago. I could never remember the […]