Teaser time…

Hello folks, just a quick heads up to keep an eye on the Album Project Facebook page for an announcement we’ll be making over the weekend.

To get you in the mood for our forthcoming shows, we thought we’d post another little teaser. When we decided to do Led Zep IV it was met with, mostly, overwhelming positivity. But there were also comments expressing reservation that we’d taken on too much and were setting ourselves up for a fall. We were aware that we’d live or die by our vocalist because, well, we needed to find our very own Percy. And boy did we. It was hard to really hear him on the video clip we posted before Christmas, so here in all his glory is Mr Mark Warwick. Turn this up loud!!!

Led Zep are number one!

If you’ve seen the trailer for the new Thor ‘Ragnarok’ film, you might just recognise some of the music.

Led Zep’s ‘Immigrant Song‘ features heavily in the trailer, and as a result it’s shot to Number One in the Rock and Metal chart this week!

If you ask *really* nicely, we might just include this one in the set for February’s shows