Amber is the new black…

Rehearsals have now started in earnest for our Led Zep IV shows and as you can see, Simon is *very* happy with his new toy..

Happy Birthday to us..

One of those reminders from Facebook just popped up and it was an image that we used for our first Album Project venture, Quadrophenia, which was almost exactly 2 years ago.

It made me think…. whilst we would always like to be gigging more and tackling new projects the work involved in getting to the level we want to present for each album is immense HOWEVER I am incredibly proud of what we have tackled and presented over the last couple of years and when I look back I think we’ve done pretty well!

Quadrophenia, Dark Side Of The Moon (twice), Rumours. The Wall, Hotel California. in addition for DSOTM, Rumours & Hotel California we also worked up and played a second set of additional material – that’s a lot of learning, none of them was easy but I think we succeeded – and your feedback would certainly indicate that we have hit the spot so far every time!

On Nov the 4th we present Hotel California for the last time in Goring – it’s sold out – and then, as you probably know we move on to possibly our biggest challenge yet – Led Zeppelin 4 & other assorted goodies…. the band are so hyped about this and we start rehearsal tomorrow.

The Friday show is sold out (indeed there is already a waiting list for returns) and Thursday is well on the way to being so too – months in advance. I’ve said it before but Simon and I…and indeed the whole band….just want to thank you all for your support. We have other albums lined up and we hope that you’ll like to see them live as much as the fab albums that we’ve already tackled

…..onwards and upwards!

Jake & Simon