The First Blog Post!

Hello and welcome to this, my first ever blog post on our website! To be absolutely honest here, in trying to set up my login to the backend of the web page a few months ago, I made an absolute Horlicks of it and it ended up in a total bugger’s muddle. And in effect, I gave up on the whole sorry affair. But our resident photographer par excellence and web guru Mr Richard Olpin has once more exercised his remarkable powers in patience and taught me how to do it properly. Again.

I thought I’d take this opportunity just to address a couple of issues that have surfaced over our Winter break. I really needed some time away from the band coal face, for many reasons – some band related and others personal. But now, as many of you may have realised, there has been something of a personnel change within the ranks of TAP. I really don’t want to go into the details as I feel it’s unnecessary and disrespectful to all concerned, no matter whose feelings are hurt or whatever resentment is felt. In the history of just about every band there has ever been, members come and go. It’s just the way of things. It happens. Think of your favourite band. Remember that member that left? Or was fired? Or went out for a packet of fags and joined a cult? Well, TAP is no different and we say goodbye and thanks to JK. We’ve taken this time out to plan ahead and decide where we want to take the band. And it definitely is “we” – just because I originated the concept of the band, there are no arbitrary decisions. I have canvassed the views of members past and present on our situation and future plans. Everyone has had a say and that is a good thing. We know the road we now want to take and we feel it’s going to be an interesting and exciting journey. There will be some familiar faces along the way, some new ones, and a big hairy fella sat at the back trying desperately to keep the time.

An announcement will be made very soon about our September show. Thanks to everyone for your continued support, it means a great deal.